See The Threat: Cultural Captivity Today

We need to see above to view our world from God's eternal perspective. Doing so will allow us to understand that much of the American church is thinking and living as captives to our non-Christian culture. Check out this video to understand what this means.

Cultural Captivity Defined from Probe Ministries.

Evangelicals often trade the core and eternal truth of Christ for lies that leave us captive to the world. Our young adult generation has grown up in a culture where there’s either too little real dialogue about truth or the truth’s impact on our life choices. Or it gets drowned out.Truth is relative to us and our tribe.

Because of this we see that many professing Christians have established a set of beliefs and attitudes that have them on a course moving away from a vital walk with Christ. They’ve been “taken captive” by the culture. Cultural captivity looks to the culture rather than to Christ and the Bible as truth and a primary guide for living and is usually caused by 3 things:

Putting our trust in something other than the person or promises of Christ.
Misunderstanding the truths by which Christ has called us to live.
A combination of both.

This popularized postmodern view says that there is no objective truth, only the practical hand-selected beliefs I choose to live by. When faced with a moral choice, almost half of emerging adults said they would do what makes them feel happy or would help them get ahead. Not only do they not look to the Bible or even polite society for their moral compass, but many believe it would be morally wrong to assume there is a common morality that applies to all.

This thinking is contrary to God’s Word having real-world consequences!

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